Cyber Security with a difference

Who needs cyber security?

Yes, every one of us needs cyber security the level and scope may vary. In general it is observed that people/organizations are optimism biased that is they tend to underestimate the cyber security risk. The damages cyber attacks cause are huge. The good news is that spending on cyber security is way too less than the damages it may cause.

We at keen solutions can do a lot to safeguard you and your clients. Our range of services includes vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, server hardening, protecting critical cyber infrastructure, intrusion detection and prevention, malware removal, consultancy on security architecture, IoT security, source code review, DDOS prevention, White hat, Black hat and Grey hat.

If you need to perform DAST and SAST that is Dynamic Application Security Test and Static Application Security Test our multiple scan methodology and state of the art reports will give you a leading edge.

Your application might be using cloud servers from Azure, AWS, Google and many others. We will provide appropriate server hardening services to protect from potential attacks.

Our experts can assist in analyzing logs of your cyber infrastructure and get along with you on regular security consultancy.

It is tough when you get hit by malwares. Do not worry, if you have encountered a situation like this, reach us out, we have a proven track record in malware removal.

Our continuous investment goes in enriching our teams with the latest trends and optimal solutions. This makes us a perfect fit for any of your cyber security needs.