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“We are committed to exceed customer expectations by monitoring, benchmarking and continuously improving our business, products & services and every individual employee’s performance.”

Keen ERP, a pioneer in Education ERP is a company based in Indore region.

Employing the latest in software development tools and relying on quality assurance programs, Keen ERP caters to the ever increasing demand in the market for quality software solutions with dependable products delivered on time and within budget to over 50 institutions in India and abroad.

Large investments in Infrastructure equip Keen ERP with technology that is on par with international standards.

Keen has a new way of approaching how enterprise resource planning (or ERP systems) and business software solutions are designed, developed, and deployed. We’ve changed the way ERP software is used to maximize productivity across your business. ERP can inspire your company to innovate your business so you can deliver inspiration to your customers.

Why Keen ERP?

  • Several steps ahead of many manufacturing based ERPs; this product is created specifically for educational campuses.
  • No need to look beyond - With 20 modules this is the most comprehensive Campus Automation Package ever.
  • Based on open standards this product can be easily customized & extended.
  • Its open doors philosophy allows it smooth integration with other already running applications in campus.
  • Its architecture is based on the best of open source world. Latest and greatest technological innovations happening in open source world are inherent part of Keen ERP.
  • Use of open source components in it architecture makes it continuously improving and upgrading.
  • Runs @ some of the best campuses of India
  • Provides easy to implement workflow and alert mechanism, which are one of the most important reasons for automation
  • Based on industry best practices. No hidden costs
  • Great after sales support!

Customize Module

Keen ERP Module Name

  • Admission Management
  • Academic Administration
  • Examination Management
  • Asset & Estate / Employee Housing
  • Committee & Council Management
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Hostel & Guest House
  • Information / Communication & Notice Board
  • Payroll
  • Placement
  • Research Program Management
  • Purchase, Inventory Management & Stores
  • Student Welfare
  • Transportation Management
  • Student Portal
  • Faculty Portal
  • Canteen Management

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